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Our Ice Cream


Vanilla_125ml_The Green Fairy Ice Cream_vegane bio glace_glutenfrei_laktosefrei_plantbased_switzerland.

The Queen of all ice cream flavours in a tempting new dress. Real vanilla pods combined with pure organic vanilla extract. Based on organic soy.


Tenderly melting, this strawberry ice cream tastes like a sweet kiss at sunrise. Enjoy this pure, rich flavour accompanied by real juicy fruit pieces. Based on organic rice milk.


Pistachio_125ml_The Green Fairy Ice Cream_vegane bio glace_glutenfrei_laktosefrei_plantbased_switzerland

This heavenly, all natural pistachio ice cream is every connoisseur's dream. Pure organic pistachio paste and crunchy pistachio pieces guarantee an unforgettable taste experience. Based on organic rice milk.

​Coffee Crunch

Coffee_125ml_The Green Fairy Ice Cream_vegane bio glace_glutenfrei_laktosefrei_plantbased_switzerland.

It'll keep any Coffee lover wide awake. Intense taste of fair trade coffee, refined with delicious crunchy hazelnut .
Based on organic rice milk.

​Chocolate Chip

For those of you who know what real chocolate tastes like. Fine organic dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, sprinkled with crunchy chocolate chips.
Based on organic rice milk.

​Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel_125ml_The Green Fairy Ice Cream_vegane bio glace_glutenfrei_laktosefrei_plantbased_switzerland

The winner of our customer voting: Intense dark caramel with Fleur de sel - The refined combination of sweet and salty is absolutely addictive!
Based on organic soy.

  Points of Sale

You can find our delicious products in the following locations.

Our Philosophy

Compared to dairy ice cream, our plant-based ice cream possesses three major advantages:

  • Our ice cream emits 2/3 less greenhouse gasses, which are     responsible for climate change.
  • Our production also uses much less natural resources, namely water, land, and energy.
  • This ice cream avoids all forms of animal suffering, which is unfortunately very evident in today’s common commercial cow milk production​.

Thus there are three convincing arguments that speak for the vegan production of our ice cream. Our ice cream is a great example of how there doesn’t need to be any compromise when living a healthy and vegan lifestyle. To learn more about this, check out:

The Green Fairy only makes use of organic and raw ingredients whose production is proven to be entirely sustainable and respectful to nature. When we say our products are organic we don’t just mean the ingredients but every resource that our operations use. This is borne out in everything we do, from our decision to the use of biodegradable FSC-certificated cardboard packaging to choosing the shortest possible routes of transport and every decision in between.  

The Green Fairy values fair collaboration with all of its partners and suppliers. It matters greatly to us that we only use products that do not disadvantage or exploit anybody. That is why, wherever possible, we work with Fair Trade ingredients, thus making a contribution to social development in production countries. The Green Fairy doesn’t simply wish for a better world – we do something about it!

The Green Fairy products are a real godsend for allergy sufferers and people who wish to or have to avoid dairy products in their diet.
Since  our cholesterol-free products contain neither gluten nor any animal ingredients they are also suitable for those with lactose or lactoprotein intolerance.
Rest assured, where ever The Green Fairy logo appears you are guaranteed that the products are entirely safe.  

Most of our ice creams contain plenty of delicious bits, and pieces. This way, with every spoon of this delicacy, you can taste exactly what is in the ice cream.

The Green Fairy does good. And you can do too! For every ice cream we sell, we invest 5 Swiss cents in projects in developing countries. According to our philosophy, we want to actively participate in the process of making the world a better place. Miracles happen again and again – and with every ice cream even more often.

Our Story

There was a time (not too long ago), when a young woman in Zürich desperately desired some tasty ice cream, but without any dairy-products. She just had one problem: there was none in Switzerland. After some time, craving ice cream of course, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She acquired a small ice cream machine, searched through books and the internet and started creating and gathering her own ice cream recipes. Through trial and error, she experimented with all kinds of ice cream, until she created some that was as delicious and creamy as she had imagined it to be. Her little sun Loïc got the position of the new chief taster, which he still holds today.

After months of recipe testing and improving, she invited her friends over to a small ice cream party, where they could try all the delicacies she had cooked up in her kitchen. There were wild variations like Vanilla-Cardamom ice cream, Early Grey ice cream and even Coconut-Curry ice cream (along with a few classics of course). Their reactions were very enthusiastic (except for the Coconut-Curry ice cream), which is when she decided to find a way to distribute her ice cream more widely.

Searching for someone to take over her ice cream production on a larger scale, she came across the organic bakery Vier Linden in Zürich, which was essential for establishing The Green Fairy. The name “The Green Fairy” embodies values the business wholeheartedly supports: playfulness, environmental friendliness and fairness: The Green Fairy was born!

In the summer of 2012, the first collection of eight flavours was launched throughout cool and innovative organic stores and cafes in Zurich and Winterthur, finding their way to a variety of open airs and markets. The ice cream season progressed, with many joyful testimonials from loyal customers (“Aaaawesome, I can finally eat ice cream again! – “Mom, I want a lot more of this ice cream!” – “Wow, this is the best chocolate ice cream I have ever had!”), which of course delighted this young woman.

Suddenly, people and stores all over Switzerland asked for this delicious lactose-free ice cream, encouraging the young woman to expand production in order to distribute the ice cream within all of Switzerland. She then discovered Mister Cool, a large ice cream producing facility, which she was able to establish a great partnership with. Throughout the autumn and winter, they experimented with the recipes and perfected them in order to prepare for the launch of another summer collection.

In the meantime, two years have passed while the product line has been expanded and the recipes have constantly been improved. Also, Sonja has gotten support: Winette, Tobias, Nelson, Anja, Wolfram, our interns Michelle and Luca and other helpers – all wonderful, idealistic people who support The Green Fairy mostly on a voluntary basis.


Would you like to offer our Ice cream in your shop, café, restaurant, movie theater or Badi? Here, you'll find our distributors, where you can order our ice cream:

The Book

​Eis Mit Stil

You can also make vegan ice cream!
It is also not difficult, once you know how to do it.
This is where our book comes in. Here, you can find a variety of creative and innovative recipes for your personal ice cream. Only vegan, full of taste, and here to please those craving an ice cold delight.

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