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The Green Fairy NEW RECIPE!

We have completely updated our "Chocolate-Chip" and "Strawberry" recipes - and they are now MUCH BETTER! 

Chocolate Chip now tastes a lot more chocolatey, is darker, more creamy, and it has a lot less calories than before! 

Strawberry tastes much more intensely like the real strawberries it contains, and is much more refreshing!


We are very happy with the changes - let us know how you like the new taste! You know you have the new version in your hands if the year 2020 is imprinted on the bottom of the cup (there are still some last cups of the old version in circulation).


With both flavors, we had to deal with major technical problems in the past – e.g. with Chocolate-Chip there was always a large part of the chocolate sticking to the bottom of the ice cream machine and refusing to come out. Luckily this is in the past now!

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